The Glass Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me!Glass May 18 048

Several years ago I purchased my first real piece of art glass; it was a small whitefriars teardrop vase in red. That understated piece of glass – by Whitefriars standards anyway – is responsible for a total obsession with all things glass and a complete career change.  For someone who once preferred clear uncluttered surfaces, I am now in danger of becoming a serial hoarder, with any available windowsill space quickly filled with my latest prized purchases. It doesn’t even matter what sort of glass it is, although Victorian uranium or Vaseline glass is a particular favourite.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to add a few of my favourites to the site and maybe the odd item that I can bear to part with…

You can see some of my items in my Etsy or Ebay shops.



Glass May 18 055

Whitefriars teardrop vase design number 9571


UG glass April 11 18 005

Victorian pearline uranium/vaseline glass